Assessment and Compliance

· Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
· Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
· Transaction Screens
· Environmental Scans
· Environmental Compliance Audits and Permitting
· Pollution Prevention Plans
· Physical Condition Assessments
· Physical Condition Scans

Investigation and Remediation

· Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessments
Risk Assessments
· Remedial System, Design, Installation and Maintenance

Storage Tank Consulting

· Assessment, Removal and Closure
· Program Management and Compliance
· New System Design and Installation

Asbestos and Lead Based Paint Services

· Facility Surveys and Management Plans
· Abatement Design, Management and Air Monitoring
· Employee Training

Health and Safety

· Exposure Monitoring and Assessment
· Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality Studies
· Mold Testing and Assessment Services
· Radon Testing
· OSHA Compliance Audits
· Training