Environmental Scans

When you have adequate knowledge of current and historical property use, but want to ensure that your property or nearby properties are not listed with state or federal regulatory agencies, and subsequently subject to potential environmental impairment or regulation, an Environmental Scan is recommended. The environmental scan is a detailed review of state and federally listed facilities located within an approximate 1.0-mile radius of the subject Property. An environmental professional experienced in interpreting the state and federally accumulated data will map the coordinates of your property and obtain a compilation report for that area. This report includes a summary of all listed sites within the 1.0-mile radius and also provides general geological information, such as soil type, groundwater availability and radon potential. Upon analyzing the data provided, a letter report summarizing the findings and any potential concerns identified will be provided. The environmental scan offers our clients the same level of regulatory review provided in a Phase I ESA, without the historical research and site reconnaissance.