Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase II ESA is sometimes required when a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) is found during the Phase 1 Environmental Assessment process. Most Phase II ESAs are performed because of potential subsurface impact to the Property from the use or storage of chemicals and petroleum products and involve the installation of soil borings using a hydraulic probe or rotary drill rig and the collection of soil and groundwater samples. Soil samples are examined for evidence of contamination and may be screened in the field using handheld instruments or test kits. Based on the field examination, selected soil samples are submitted to accredited laboratories for contaminant analysis. Depending on site conditions, groundwater samples may also be collected and analyzed. Any identified contaminant concentrations are compared to applicable and relevant standards and the requirements or necessity of additional investigation are evaluated. At the request of the client and depending on the scope of the investigation, general cost estimates for the abatement or remediation may also be provided.