Michael H. Dever, President
Michael H. Dever has worked as an environmental consultant since 1985. He has managed environmental site assessment programs for several Fortune 500 companies located throughout the country. With 16 years of field experience and hands-on involvement in all aspects of the environmental industry, Michael has successfully implemented procedures and protocols for the performance and development of each of GuideWire’s field assessments: protocols that further enhance the benefit of performing assessments of real property.

In addition to his role in research and development, Michael serves GuideWire Consulting, LLC as President and CEO. He supervises the entire staff and all departmental services and oversees a wide variety of environmental and property assessment services. Michael is highly qualified in the environmental consulting industry. He has performed hazardous materials assessments on more than 30,000,000 square feet of educational, governmental, commercial and industrial facilities, and has designed and managed hazardous materials remediation projects for contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos and lead-based paint on more than 300 projects. He has managed facility-wide projects for a variety of commercial, industrial, and health-care organizations. One example is a project that involved assessments of 450 facilities in 8 states. Additionally, he has performed various types of assessment and remediation projects on properties for federal and state government agencies, corporations, property development firms and lending institutions.

Andrew L. Clayton
Andrew L. Clayton has been an environmental consultant since 1984. During his career he has developed, designed, and managed a multitude of advanced environmental projects throughout the country. These projects include environmental assessment and remediation projects, surface and subsurface contamination investigation and remediation projects, and hazardous materials investigation and remediation projects, nationally.

Andrew has successfully developed field data collection systems and integrated report formats that meet and exceed ASTM standards and other industry protocol. The results are more useful, accurate, efficient and easy-to-read documents.

Andrew serves as Vice President of GuideWire Consulting, LLC and continues to manage a large volume of the assessment work conducted by our staff and affiliates. Andrew has managed and coordinated multiple $1,000,000 environmental projects including the removal and replacement of fuel storage systems at more than 50 managed care facilities in 15 states, and the demolition of a large urban transportation center. The demolition project incorporated a variety of environmental challenges including characterization and disposal of unknown chemicals, PCB equipment and biological wastes; asbestos abatement; and subsurface investigation and excavation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil. Mr. Clayton has also provided expert witness testimony and litigation support in several civil cases involving environmental contamination of real property from industrial solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons.

Sara Germann
Sara’s primary responsibility with GuideWire is to work with each of our clients to ensure that their specific and individual needs are met. Sara is key to ensuring that GuideWire’s proven reputation for responding quickly to short deadlines and providing each client with technically accurate information in a high-quality report is maintained.

Client contact is coordinated through Sara; she receives client requests and works with GuideWire Project Managers to define the exact scope of work to satisfy the needs of the client and any associated parties. She prepares proposals and submittals summarizing, outlining and detailing each component of the project, and works with the client to ensure that each step of the project is defined and understood prior to contracting.

Sara’s role for the duration of a project is as client advocate. Working closely with the Project Managers and Affiliate Environmental Professionals, she ensures that the project adheres to and remains within the budgeted contract amount and that each client is provided with immediate access to information regarding project progress, status and results. Sara also provides administrative quality control review of reports generated by GuideWire and manages the compilation of each phase of the report process, report delivery and client satisfaction follow-up.