About Us

GuideWire Consulting, LLC (GuideWire) is a full service environmental consulting firm offering high quality, cost effective and innovative environmental consulting services to a variety of commercial, industrial and governmental clients nationwide. Our firm employs some of the most experienced and qualified environmental project professionals available and utilizes a tightly bound group of affiliates located throughout the country.

GuideWire was formed by a group of professionals with more than 60 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry. We have a personal commitment to each client to provide the best quality product that we can while offering you the best value available. Developing a personal relationship and trust with our clients is paramount.

Our corporate office is located in the Kansas City area. This site was selected based upon its central geographic location, which allows our project professionals to efficiently mobilize to all parts of the continental United States. With our established national network of competent, service-oriented affiliates, a representative of GuideWire is available at a moment’s notice.

Using local knowledge and experience, coupled with the oversight of our senior project managers, a team of highly qualified professionals handles each project. This approach enables us to provide each client with field and management expertise as well as the experience of a senior project manager while maintaining an affordable rate for service.